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Information & Orientation Guide

PREAMBLE: This information has been prepared as a reference for the general guidance of the members of Skål International Los Angeles. For more complete and detailed information, please consult the By-Laws of Skål International USA and Skål International Los Angeles on their respective websites.

Experts differ as to the origin of the word “Skoal”, which occurs in the three Scandinavian languages and which is the basis for the universal toast. The clubs in S.I.U.S.A. have traditionally used the following version of the toast given with a glass of wine prior to dining:

“ To Fellow Skalleagues Everywhere, Happiness, Good Health, Friendship, Long Life…”

It has long been a local custom of Skål International Los Angeles to add the word Prosperity after “Long Life” and before “Skål”.

Skål International Los Angeles was chartered as Club #41 on June 23, 1948. It was the first club west of Chicago and the fourth club chartered in North America. There were 27 charter members. Nine were from airlines, eight from steamship lines, five from railroads, two from motor coach companies, and three tour operators. In 1969-70, Alfred R. Bone, Jr., a charter member and past president of the Skål Club of Los Angeles, as it was then known, served as President of AISC.

In 1971 our club hosted the 10th annual North American Skål Congress. The Los Angeles club sponsored the Orange Coast club in 1976 and the Palm Springs club in 1986. Henry von Sieber served as President of the NSCUSA during the period of 1971-1973. Los Angeles Past President Jay Beagle was elected President of the National Skål Committee for 1991-1992, and subsequently as Vice President of the International Skål Council.

Los Angeles member, Anders Kullander was elected as the only Honorary Member of NSCUSA. In 1994, the Los Angeles club hosted the 55th AISC World Congress.


On June 23, 1998, the Skål Club of Los Angeles celebrated its 50th Anniversary. In November 1999, AISC announced the change of the name of all clubs to Skål International, plus local designation, to be ratified at the AISC Congress 2000. The Los Angeles club thus changed its formal name to Skål International Los Angeles. Subsequently, in May 2001, the National Skål Committee of the United States of America (NSCUSA) was changed to conform to Skål International USA (SIUSA). At the 61st AISC World Congress, convened at Malta in November 2000, Skål International Los Angeles was named SKAL CLUB OF THE YEAR of the 516 active Clubs worldwide. The Los Angeles Club is the 20th recipient of this award; only three North American clubs have previously won this high honor since the competition originated in 1952; New York in 1990, Chicago in 1992 and Orlando in 2007

The club is governed by the Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate two Past Presidents as SIUSA representatives, plus, when possible, one member of each of the six Active classifications.

The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Classification Representatives are elected by the club membership at the January regular meeting for the up-coming term of office. Active, Transfer Active (Out), Life and Honorary Los Angeles members are eligible to vote. The Administrative Year of the club and term of office



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