SI Los Angeles Business to Business

This page is designed to focused on the benefits of doing business with fellow Skålleagues. It is for informational purposes only. We encourage you to treat all companies fairly and provide them with feedback whenever possible

Tourist Organizations
Austrian Tourist Office      

Katz, Peter



Air Tahiti Nui

Sirotich-Lebon, Lucia


Air Tahiti Nui

Panza, Nicholas

 Kenya Airways

Singh, Mok





Cruise Lines Intl Association

Bateman, John





Karen Achio​

World Hotels

Smith, Dennis

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Hairston, Barbara

Tour Operators    


Magister Tours, Inc

Rubin, Barbara

Universal Travel System

Billep, Klaus

Safari Dreamers

Stodel, Edna


South Star Tours

Lewis, Mark

Safari Dreamers

Stodel, Edna


South Star Tours

Lewis, Mark

SITA World Tours

Mary Barnett,

Adore Travel

Punithakumar, Puni

Corniche Group

Mann, Anastasia


Planning Professionals

Sherman, Pamela

PNR Travel

Kern, Bob

Travel Agents


Beverly Hills VIP Travel Company  

Schoenfeld, Lawerence

Far Corners Travel Systems

Hingorani, Ravi

Production Travel & Tours

Frommer-Mracky, Sylvia

Downtown Travel                              David Rezaieh


Harcourt Travel

 Jones, Stanton

CB Travel Enterprises

Armstrong, Brenda


It's A Fine Day

Laflin, Marjorie

Miscellaneous      ​



Reserve Direct                   Rodney Levy




Allstate Benefits

Gorney, Jerry

Traveling Times

Ilich Mirko

Intl Sales& Marketing

Niederhoff, Heinz